A league table in your inbox of the best candidates for each of your live vacancies. All US/UK Job boards and ATS systems supported
"We support any job for any industry"
VTIQS are experts in reducing the time needed to review CV's. This is done by getting the cadidates to complete a job specific online questionaire and an apptitude test as part of the application process.
The service is usually resold as an additional service to your clients, and increases your profit per placement.

Our system recommends exactly which CVs in your inbox match your key requirements as soon as the candidate applies. Setup takes only 10 minutes, and we do it all for you.

At the end of each day we send you a league table of all the top candidates, and of course you can log in and see the current candidate ranking at any time.

We give you a special email address to use when adding jobs to the Job Boards, or if you use an ATS, it gets added there instead, it's as easy as that.

We review your job spec and we will set the filter questions up online. Candidates are then directed to the web page to complete the questions.

You will never need to wade through unnecessary CV ever again.

We support all Job Boards and ATS systems

Call us now on +44 (0)207 138 3063 and see how you can be filtering CVs within 10 minutes. You can even do this with Jobs already live on the Job Boards.
Save Time and Money
On average using the VTIQS Ranking, a recruiter only has to open 10 CV's to find the right candidate for a role. A unique alert system informs you immediately if a candidate scores well.

"The candidate 3rd on the VTIQS list was perfect for the role we were recruiting for. VTIQS means I have more time to work on new prospects."
Dave Peck, Ratio Search and Selection.
Bespoke Online Testing
At times a recruiter wants a specialised test to meet very specific requirements. Our experienced team can prepare exactly the test you require.

"VTIQS worked very closely with the team and we were able to deliver exactly what we needed."
Vince Lewis, Camelot.


For Recruitment Agencies
VTIQS gives Agencies the technical ability to recruit for new industry sectors.
Our online tests ensure candidates have the technical and personal skills required.
and HR Departments
VTIQS allows HR departments to rank CV's during the search process.
Our unique personality testing gives fast and accurate candidate profiling.